Subcommittee Members

Below is a list of subcommittees that serve on the West Palm Beach Mayor’s Task Force on Racial and Ethnic Equality. The “T” stands for members of the Task Force. Subcommittee members are tasked with researching and identifying:


  1. Opportunities to learn and raise awareness of the history of systemic patterns of racial and ethnic inequities within the City; and
  2. Best practices to address systemic patterns of racial and ethnic disparities; and
  3. Policy and funding sources available to address systemic patterns of racial and ethnic inequity.

Criminal Justice

Alexcia Cox (T) – Co-chair
Daniel Eisinger (T) – Co-chair

Bryce J. Graham (T)
Chauncey Alexander Graham (T)
Tameca West (T)
Ruth Wanjiru Mageria
Justice Ira J. Raab (Retired)
Alisha W. Singh


Education & Workforce Development

Alexandria Marie Ayala (T) – Co-chair
Julie Fisher Cummings (T) – Co-chair

Sally D. Chester (T)
Joyell Marie Glaze Loiz 
Sergio Luis Piedra
Dina Rubio (T)
Andre Darnell Wynn


Finance, Banking & Business

Leontyne Brown (T) – Co-chair
William P. Jacobson (T) – Co-chair

Juan J. Pagan (T)
Kathryn Aisling McMahon-Klosterman
Darren Studstill
Juan Carlos Tagle



George L Soria (T) – Co-chair
Gopal Rajegowda (T) – Co-chair

Jennifer Jean Bell (T)
Naomi Ruth Cobb
Jerry Deng (T)
Mary Ligon
Devin Jaron Pierce


Real Estate & Housing

Antoinne J. Wright (T) – Co-chair
Danita D. Nias (T) – Co-chair

Parisa Hamzetash
Ontario Davis Johnson
Michael Odum
Ezra Gene Saffold
Maricela Torres


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