The West Palm Beach Mayor’s Task Force for Racial Equality launched its new website on November 19, 2020, at The goal of the new website is to:

  • INFORM West Palm Beach residents and stakeholders about the goals of the Task Force and its subcommittees, the process, the work of the Task Force, the people involved, and each of the policy focus areas (Criminal Justice; Education & Workforce Development; Finance, Banking & Industry; Health; Real Estate & Housing);
  • EDUCATE West Palm Beach residents and stakeholders about racial disparities in the city as related to each of the policy areas, and the history and root causes of these disparities;
  • INSPIRE West Palm Beach residents and stakeholders with recommendations, tools, reports and resources from experts as well as examples of how other cities and communities are “closing the gap.”
  • RECOGNIZE the historic and contemporary efforts to make West Palm Beach a more equitable city for all;
  • BUILD ACCESS to the process by helping visitors to the site learn how to get involved, where to find the latest Task Force reports and meeting minutes, and what progress has been made so far.



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